Dr. Jae Sung Park D.M.D.

 Dr. Jae Sung Park graduated from Korea University with honors. He graduated from Case Western Reserve University (U.S. Army), School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Park is an active member of the American Dental Association, South Carolina Dental Association, Christian Medical & Dental Associations, and Dental Mission for Christ.

Traditionally, people in Dr. Park’s homeland, South Korea, have valued “healthy teeth” as one of the big five blessings. As a teen, he witnessed his mother suffering from severe gum disease. Therefore, he had a strong desire to alleviate pain and suffering through dentistry.

You will hear Dr. Park’s patients remark about his gentle and meticulous nature. His patients are appreciative of the time Dr. Park takes to explain each procedure. This normally makes the patient comfortable and alleviates any fear or anxiety. Dr. Park has dedicated himself to providing high quality dental care in a way that is painless and fearless.

Out of the office, Dr. Park is a devoted father and husband. He is also a Captain in the United States Army  and  enjoys various sports such as swimming, water-skiing, snow-skiing, tennis, softball, basketball, table tennis, and hiking.  One of his favorite past times is participating in charitable events such as Dash for Down Syndrome and Race Against Odds.